Friday, May 02, 2008

Outside fun

Playtime outdoors is spring and summer at its best. I want my kids to be out and active as much as possible. As the weather continues to warm and schools let out, I've compiled a list of outdoor activities to encourage or suggest when a little variety or suggestion is needed:
  1. Pitch the play tent with or without the rest of the tunnel syste
  2. Sprinkler
  3. Slip 'n Slide
  4. Washable finger paint
  5. Picnic
  6. Charades
  7. Baby, if you love me, smile
  8. Wagons
  9. Giant bubble wands (available at the Dollar Tree)
  10. Sidewalk Chalk
  11. Make and tend their own small gardens
  12. Card games
  13. Freeze tag
  14. Ball tag
  15. Duck,duck, goose
  16. Red light, Green light
  17. Simon Says
  18. Follow the Leader
  19. Hopscotch
  20. Ride bikes
  21. Ride scooters
  22. Roller skate
  23. Jump rope (and teach the rhymes)
  24. Wash the cars, toys, playhouse...
  25. Make a toad abode
  26. Plant trees from the random seedlings
  27. Make rubbings
  28. Water guns
  29. Pass football (nerf)
  30. Play catch
  31. Sit and spin
  32. Walkie talkies
  33. Light sabres
And a few more that require mostly inexpensive purchases:

  1. A big ball - the 40" Bigens play ball sounds lie a good possibility, but I can't find one
  2. Hula hoops
  3. Spray bottle painting with food colored water
  4. Chalkboard paint on one side of the shed
  5. Two inexpensive tea sets, one for sand and mud, one for real lemonade and cookies
  6. Croquet - Brian thinks I'm nuts for imagining that it will be used for something other than pounding each other
  7. A clothesline to facilitate hanging a sheet for painting, puppet shows, etc.
  8. Badminton
  9. Stilts - empty paint cans? seems like no one uses those big coffee tins anymore
  10. A cheap pool to put at the bottom of the sliding board for a water slide
  11. And maybe even a sand and water table - something like this?

I like to find cheap toys at yard sales that can be left outside. We have a castle toy and a set of megabloks out there for years that are still doing great, as well as various dump trucks, a sturdy bug box, toddler ride-ons, and playground balls, among other things.

Ethan, is, of course, clambering for a treehouse and zipline, but both require a bit more of the "handyman factor", which I pretty much totally lack. We're all hoping and praying that daddy keeps feeling better and better - then the possibilities could be endless. :^)

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Wendy said...

Love this list! I'm going to refer to this when I can come up w/anything else. Thanks! :)