Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Ethan woke me this morning with this special I heart MOM necklace,
and Anna Kate made me the bracelet.

My mother and I last year on Mother's Day.


Jacki said...

Looks like you guys had beautiful weather down there. Up here we've been having hurricane-like weather the past two days. So much rain and wind!!

Happy Mother's Day.

Alicia said...

Well, the rain hit early, so we couldn't do the picnic at the park that we planned, but the wind dried it up pretty well by midafternoon. Then it was really windy in the evening. But it was still a pretty day. :^)

Wendy said...

Those are GREAT pictures! A good idea to have a picture taken w/you and the kids, probably a rare moment since you are likely behind the camera most of the time. :)