Wednesday, April 02, 2008

On Hold

I've been on hold with the county tax collector for 70 minutes and 17 seconds so far.

But my time is very important to them.

I know, because they've told me about 70 times so far.

Supposedly, I can leave my number and they'll return my call in the next 48 hours.

Why don't I believe them?

Update: 97 minutes, 50 seconds and still counting...

Update: 113 minutes, 45 seconds - after using my cell phone to call people who answer their phones in nearby county offices, I talked to someone who could answer my questions.

Moral of this story?
If you know where I live, and you have to call the county tax collector:
  1. They do not value your time
  2. They do not answer their phone


Anonymous said...

Oh, MY! That's just too long to be on hold.

Ronnica said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Jennifer said...

Wow. And did you know that no real live people work for CIS (Immigration)? I learned that when we were adopting. I had to take notes on which numbers I poushed so I could find the right info the next time I called their crazy comlicated number.

Glad you finally got your info but so sorry you were on hold for SO long!

Jacki said...

Are you sure you didn't accidentally dial the immigration office? Whenever we needed to call to ask a question a recording would tell us to call back the next day. Other times we'd be on hold forever, only to get a customer service rep who knew nothing about immigration.

Alicia said...

That's funny that two of you mentioned immigration and you hadn't even seen each other's comments - must be really bad.

Kim said...

I'm sorry you had to wait like that! That is crazy!

Jendi said...

I can't believe you stayed on for so long! I'm the type that hangs up after 5 minutes and calls again in 5 minutes - over and over. LOL!