Thursday, April 10, 2008

A new perspective on age

My mother was on the phone teasing me again about being old (I find this very amusing). Ethan was listening in and starting joining in the teasing, despite my denial.

Then he nailed me. "Yes, you are mom. You were born in the 1000's."

I started to deny that, too, when it struck me what he meant, and that it, indeed, was true. I was born in the old millenium, he was a part of the new.

Just think what they're gonna say about us when we're really old. [Read in news reporter drone]: "As the last survivors of the old millenium are now in their nineties..."


Jacki said...

Oh I know what you mean. We watch American Idol, and those kids make me feel old.

Jendi said...


StarPilot said...


Thank you for visiting my Astronomy Blog. Glad you like he pictures. I enjoy sharing my astronomy experiences with my family and friends.

So, how was the cruise ?

Jim (Jacki's Dad)