Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Happy Birthday, Tuesday's Child

Little Anna bird,

You were born a Tuesday's Child, full of grace, and you become more graceful all the time. We finally found a ballet program this year and dancing is still your favorite thing.

This year you could most often be found wearing a leotard or tutu, usually with your beloved tights. You can't wait to get real toe shoes.

Your bangs are finally growing out from the "great hair chop" escapade, but Daddy's still in mourning months later. Purple has officially overtaken pink as your favorite color. You still sleep with your sweet teddy, Molasses. And that thumb sucking that I thought we'd conquered last year? Well, let's just say, "I've not yet begun to fight!"

And speaking of fighting, you sure do have that stubborn streak still. We watched The Quiet Man a couple of weeks ago, and sometimes you remind me of Maureen O'Hara! You still like to do anything that will cause a raucus. :^) You can certainly make the thunder roll, but most of the time, you're my sunshine girl.

It's always easy to list Ethan and Rose's interests, but you're not so easy. We've decided that it's because you're the social butterfly who just loves to flit from person to person and do what they're doing. You and Rose definitely love your Barbies and the castle that you got for Christmas. Your also Ethan's trusty sidekick. You love to play UNO and other board games, and you love to be outside, as you always have. And animals, you love living things, especially puppies.

You love all things girly. Pretty dresses, shoe shopping, make-up...Daddy and I laughed and marveled at your circled choices in the Avon catalogue - a set of make-up brushes, any pink make-up available, flip-flops, pretty watches, and carefully selected fragrances (chosen from the wrist rubbed samples) - you're so much fun!

You still love Barbie movies, Mariposa is a new favorite. Your other new favorite movie is George of the Jungle! You, Ethan, and Rose act it out, and spout quotes, and crack each other up. You also love Shirley Temple.

You certainly love Ethan and Rose. You're the tightest bunch and hate being apart.

And you can be such a little helper, when you want to be. You were a great nurse for Pa after his surgery, and you're always eager to cook. Chores? Not so much, but you sure can make your bed look beautiful when you want to.

You got a little bogged down with schoolwork this year - playing with Rose was higher on your list, so we let it go. But you read your little Bob Books so beautifully and are often sounding things out, and you add and subtract well enough to give Ethan a run for his money. You're very smart, always surprising me with how much you know.

And you still love to snuggle. You're so warm and cozy. Still part baby. And I'm holding on to that part for as long as possible, Anna girl. Oh, sweet Anna Kate, you are so precious to me!

I love you, a bushel and a peck
A bushel and a peck,
And a hug around the neck
Hug around the neck
And a barrel and a heap,
Barrel and a heap
And I'm talking in my sleep about you

I love you, a bushel and a peck,
You bet your pretty neck I do.

Doodle, loodle, loodle
Doddle, loodle, loodle
Doodle, loddle, loodle, doo
doo doo


BP said...

Happy birthday to your daughter. Such a nice tribute for her today :)

Rachel A said...

Happy birthday, my birthday buddy! Hope you had a great day!

Kim said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet little one!

Wendy said...

Sweet girl, Happy Birthday to her!