Thursday, April 17, 2008

Day One

I found that despite carrying my camera everywhere, I took far fewer photos than I had anticipated. Life on the cruise ended up being far more anecdotal than event-oriented for us, and many a moment passed by me unnoticed until later. Next time, I plan to take pictures of more people and moments, and have more pictures taken of us together.

first view of the ship

Our stateroom. We also had three closets and a small bathroom.

The bridge we would pass under from the port.

Our first excitement came from skipping the required safety exercise. We could not understand half of what the speaker said from the upper deck we were relaxing on, and thought that it was optional. I kept worrying that we were goingot be in trouble, and characteristically, Brian was not at all worried. When someone finally told us that it was required we got five decks down to our stateroom for our lifejackets just in time to hear the all-clear signal. Good grief!

The bridge workers waved to us as we passed...

And we giddily waved back.

It looked like a tight squeeze, and the back of the ship was even higher.

First sunset and Brian making the first of many perfect wallpapers for his phone (and mine, because he's gonna share!)
Mikael, the jazz pianist we enjoyed many times.
He played right outside our dining room and we found sitting
and listening to him much more fun and relaxing than standing in line.


Jacki said...

I am sooo jealous now!!!

Wendy said...

Beautiful sunset!