Friday, April 25, 2008

Day 5

I didn't care much for the ship decor. We were on an old ship on its second to last sail, but there was a Carnival TV channel playing in the room and when it showed Carnival's other ships and their common designer, I really found them all to be gaudy and rather ugly. I'd like to see if other cruise lines have nicer more elegant, or just simpler, decor. I'm all for themes, but I prefer the way Disney resorts, for example, interpret them.

That said, our ship's inspiring theme was supposed to be New Orleans. I've been to New Orleans (before Katrina) and it was gorgeous. I really didn't get the feel of it at all here. But this one deck had a few stronger elements with the trolley and trolley line, and the lamposts.

I do think that this Endless Summer Lounge is a really cool room.

I very much wanted to revisit Jekyll Island on our way home. It's so beautiful, and who can get to much of oceans and islands? Besides, we were still feeling lulled. Going from boat to car kept us in that rocking motion, but sleeping while driving is not recommeneded. Brian treated me to a delicious fresh seafood lunch. The man's a gem.

View of the marina from the back porch of the restaurant.

I have a love affair with Spanish moss. It just makes me happy.

See, don't I look happy?

This may well be the softest sand I've ever felt.

Hamming it up.

Pelicans are my favorite seabirds to watch. They're really pretty ugly, but I love to watch them dive. I saw a bunch, but they were to far out to get good pictures. Trust me, I tried. There were, however, plenty of sandpipers and seagulls.


Jacki said...

Oh man, when we were kids and lived in Florida for 3 years we would take yearly vacations to St. Simons and Jekyll island. My mom had read the books by Eugenia Price and wanted to visit the islands. They are so beautiful

Alicia said...

I love Eugenia Price's books, particulalry the Savannah quartet. They were my favorite books in high school.