Thursday, April 17, 2008

Day 2

Windy morning on deck

We were scheduled to pull into Freeport at noon. The plan: rent a scooter and go to Lucayan National Park to walk through a mangrove forest to a quiet beach and see some of a underwater cave system. The problem: Brian's boss who lived in Freeport for a while had suggested the scooter rentals, but everything on the ship's information discouraged it.

We had talked about snorkelling and other activities, but I had shied away from reserving them early, not knowing how Brian would be feeling, but Praise the Lord, he felt great the entire time! (And is still feeling well, making this past month and half the longest good streak he's had since diagnosis, I think. Although we have determined that whenever he is not working, he has that strength and energy to use on fun things. This is just not available on weekends after a long work week.)

Anywhoo, as we discussed this at 11 AM this morning, looking at the shore excursion list, and wanting to be sure that there would be no regrets, Brain decided that he wanted to go kayaking. I was a bit skeptical, but he insisted that he felt good and could do it, so I put in my hope to do some snorkelling, which perfectly combined in an excursion that was leaving at 12 PM! I was sure that there wouldn't be any tickets left, but on running to the purser's desk, we got the last two, ran back to our room to change and pack a bag, and ran to debark.

Of course, we waited at the wrong deck, enjoyed a conversation with a Baptist preacher and his wife, then ran to the right deck, debarked, and met Shami, the absolute coolest Bahamian guide and naturalist.

A study on palms (which, of course, turned out to not be native to the Bahamas at all):

native vegetation

Shami needed someone to sit in the front of the van with him and I quickly volunteered in hoped of getting a few shots on the way. He gave us so much information on the history of Freeport, its industries, and the native plants and trees.

Barbary Beach

view from Peterson Cay (pronounced "key") back to Barbary beach

Peterson Cay is a one and a half acre island. It and its adjacent coral reef make up the Bahamas smallest national park. It is basically empty except for vegetation and lots of little hermit crabs, which are more than happy to finish your lunch for you. Oh, and did I mention that there are no bathroom facilities on either beach? Fun times.

Another shot of Barbary beach

Tonight was the captain's dinner and the Grand Gala midnight buffet.
Also another example of missing pictures. I carried my camera all night, but never had someone take a shot of us dressed p for the formal dinner. Arrrgh.

Nightly turndown service with delicious chocolates and a new towel creation each night. Brian crashed for the night, but I had to stay up and see the midnight buffet.

Worth the wait. I will say, though, that it looked better than it tasted. Which surprised me.
I have more shots of the snorkelling and kayaking on an underwater disposable camera. I don't know how to scan them in, but I will share them when Brian has a chance to do that for me.


Jacki said...

OK, you have convinced me. Peter and I will have to plan something like this or our 10th anniversary. That is only...oh...6 years away.

Rhen @yestheyareallmine said...

You look like you guys are having a marvelous time!!!

Wendy said...

Wow, that looks like so much fun! I'm so glad you were able to go.