Wednesday, March 19, 2008

St. Pat's

I think that my orginal thought was to downplay St. Patrick's day this year since it fell during Holy Week, but we have to wear green still, and watch The Quiet Man (best kissing scene ever), and Brian was thinking corned beef and cabbage, and the library had a special program...

Ethan and Anna were both chosen as characters to act out The Leprechaun's Gold at the library program. Ethan was swaggery Young Tom and Anna Kate was the rabbit. They were so cute and did a great job - and I could have shot myself for forgetting my camera/camcorder.

But supper turned out great and Ethan asked if he could have cabbage the next day for lunch too. He, by the way, has a wicked cold (at least I think it's a cold - it's miserable and the cough is keeping him up either way) -please rememeber him in your prayers. Rose has a lesser case of it and didn't sleep well last night either.

Without further ado, here are some pics.


Hannah said...

Aww, ya'll are soo cute!

Jacki said...

Very cute. I totally forgot about it being St. Patrick's Day until it was too late, and Emma even has a green shirt from Ireland she could have worn.