Thursday, March 27, 2008

Easter news and pics

On Good Friday, after much debate with myself, I decided to ditch my somewhat sick kids and off-for-the-day husband in the afternoon and attended a 20 year college chorale reunion which involved a short rehearsal, dinner together, singing as a reunion choir for the last Bible Conference service, and a reception. Brian's mom came to watch the kids so that Brian could join me for the reception and it also happened to be my 10 year college reunion that night too, so we popped in on that as well. I'm so glad that I went to the chorale reunion. Being in that choir was my favorite part of college, and I love the director. He is a wonderful choral conductor and kind, personable teacher. It was so nice to see and talk with him again.

First thing Easter morning, Ethan created a couple of dioramas - I love this one!

Isn't Mom's Easter table pretty?
Brian and his grandma

The artist as one can usually find him

They missed the Saturday egg hunt, because, despite the cute pics, they were feeling really crummy.

So even thought I'd planned on skipping the Easter afternoon egg hunt, they begged for it.

So I swiped a dozen eggs from Gran and the candy from their favors and hid them - they were quite pleased!

Rosie got swapped out in Photoshop by my brilliant husband, and I think that it turned out rather well.
Our day-after-Easter-50% off- baskets and bunnies. It really was a great concept, but those toys redefined cheap. Ethan couldn't even use his - they have to be returned, and the others aren't far behind. I think we'll skip Walmart and see if K-Mart or Target have better quality next year.

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