Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Anna's First Date

She'd had a bad day. You know, an ornery one. Brian had taken Ethan out for coffee a few weeks earlier, so when he called me to let me know he was heading home, I told him that I thought that Anna ought to have her date night if he felt up to it. Try to turn her day around. He agreed. I hung up the phone and told Anna, "you and Daddy are going on a date."
The squealing and whooping lasted for about five minutes.
I called Brian back to let him hear some of it: "I'm goin' on a date. I'm goin' on a date. Ethan! I'm going on a date! Woohoo! whoo! whoo! I'm goin' on a date. whoo!"
We were thinking pet store, but before we suggested it, she decided that she wanted to go to Dunkin' Donuts. (She'd only been there once before.) She wanted one of every kind of donut. :^)
With the location settled, the primping began. Favorite dress, pink leggings, favorite shoes (black mary janes), a big pink bow, a bit of mascara, and some pink eyeshadow and lipstick, bright pink nail polish, and she was glowing and ready to answer the door.
They didn't stay very long (she burnt her mouth on her cocoa and missed her mommy), but she returned as happy as she'd left, and ate all three of her donuts and a few donut holes.


Loraena said...

that's hilarious! So cute.

Jacki said...

Oh yes, I know all about having bad days. Emma had a couple of those last week, which is why Peter wanted to take Emma out this weekend. So they did....he took her to a park for some "dad&daughter" time and she had fun. And I had a good time by myself.

Wendy said...

That is so sweet that they did that together! I'm sure times like that will be ones she treasures.