Thursday, February 07, 2008


Don't you like reading posts that make you say that. Well, this one from Dr. Del Tackett, the president of Focus on the Family Institute (you would recognize him as the teacher on the Truth Project), is a beautiful Rockwell moment from the Colorado caucus he attended. Here's an excerpt:

"...It wasn’t a farmer, though. It wasn’t the calloused hands of a tall rancher that grabbed the back of the pew as this American stood to speak. She was barely five-feet tall. But she stood. And we all turned to look. She introduced herself as a Vietnamese Refugee who had taken a long road to come to this country and to eventually become one of her citizens. This was her first caucus and she told us that she was happy that we began by asking our God to bless us in this meeting. She thanked us for allowing her the privilege to become an American. But she was now standing in order to tell us something..."

Now go read the rest.


Jacki said...

That is definitely a WOW moment, and a sad testimony when it takes an immigrant to remind us of what we have, and subsequently take for granted, here in the US.

PS - Now that Romney has dropped out of the race....GO RON PAUL!!

You have converted me, girl.

Alicia said...

Yea, Jacki! I didn't see that one coming. :^) But I think that it proves that most people's objections to him can be overcome when they truly understand his message and positions. I really think that he would be winning if the majority of the public got a real grip on what he stands for.