Friday, February 22, 2008

Happy Birthday, George... and half my family!

Today is George Washington's birthday. It is also my Nanny's birthday (my paternal grandmother), my father-in-law's birthday, and my brother Titus' birthday. So, Titus requested a gluten-free chocolate cake with peanut butter icing. He, however, lives a few states away from me in northern Virginia, so I shipped 15 chocolate cupcakes, 2 gluten-free fudge brownies, and a few other things, including peanut butter and confectioner's sugar, and my gem of a sister is going to make the peanut butter cup frosting (the recipe was on the cake mix) for me. We're celebrating Dad's birthday on Saturday with a mahi mahi dinner. I found a really cool gift idea last night, and we're going to see if it can be found in town this afternoon. I'll show you later. And we'll give Nanny a birthday phone call sometime too.

As for George, we're about to read the story of the cherry tree, as well as his prayers at Valley Forge from The Children's Treasury of Virtues. And we're having these yummy cherry cheesecake cupcakes for dessert tonight.

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Mrs. "M" said...

Sounds like fun. We have "The Children's Book of Virtues" that has a short story on Washington. I'm glad I came across this post today...being an American in Canada I sadly forget the American holidays sometimes.

Persuaded said...

ok....educate me! what is a mahi mahi dinner?

enquiring minds want to know;-)

Alicia said...

Mahi mahi is a type of fish. My husband's cousin actually caught this particular mahi mahi while deep sea fishing and gave it to my in-laws for all of us to enjoy together.

I'm going to make a wonderful gluten free coconut cake that my family loves, and then we'll see about the rest. I think coconut rice and fresh pineapple would be grand, and my mother-in-law makes the world's best green beans in her pressure cooker.

But she's still sick, so right now, we're planning for Monday night and haven't finalized the rest of the menu.

Persuaded said...

oooh! that sounds very yummy:-P

coconut rice and fresh pineapple too? oh, my goodness! you must be such a good cook!

thanks for educating me;-)

Jacki said...

What a great sister you are!

My birthday is in 3.5 give you time to prepare. ;-)

Those cheesecake cupcakes look delicious! We love cheesecake and I am going to have to try it out.