Monday, February 18, 2008


Hey, everybody! Didn't mean to drop off the face of the earth with no warning. We've apparently suffered our third motherboard crash of the year. What are the odds?

I have lots of things to share, but don't know when I'll have the chance. I've been buried here with stuff and needing to rebalance, so the time offline has actually been a blessing. But I do miss you all and miss sharing life with you. So, I guess I'm saying that I'm not sure when or how often I'll be around right now, but I just wanted to pop in and let you know what's up.

I kind of fell apart on Valentine's Day. I think I had some kind of bug maybe. I don't really get sick, but I was sooo fatigued that I just couldn't get anything done. I asked Brian if we could just skip the whole Valentine's day thing (he found it rather amusing that I was so apologetic and bent out of shape about this, and explained to me that he was the guy and Valentine's Day is not about guys and he certainly didn't mind if all I wanted to do was get a monsterburger at Hardees and just skip it). But I felt like such a loser - I never even made valentines with my kids! I cried and was sure that it was one of the worst days of my life, but it managed to end well. Brian and I just chilled and watched an old season of 24 that we're catching up on (it was the kids' sleepover night at Gran's) while eating buffalo chicken and fresh pineapple. He'd already given me a beautiful double heart ring the day before(he can't stand to wait when he has a surprise), and he was sooo sweet(which is actually quite normal for him, but it's still nice). The next day I got all of my shopping done, despite having warmed up Brian's car with my keys and leaving them in there (my friend that I was supposed to be meeting for breakfast picked me up and my mother-in-law let me borrow her very cool KIA SVU.) I got a ton of fantastic Valentine stuff at half price and was able to make a great day-late party for my kids as I had promised them on my pathetic Valentine's Day.

Now I think that that might be the way to go every year (minus the small mental breakdown :^) We ended up having a highly decorated house with a steak and seafood dinner with miniature heart shaped cakes and Charlie Brown movie. Just a day late. And I'm really okay with that now. (You have no idea how big this is for me, friends. I like my holidays done right. And on the right day!)

So now I'm just trying to get everything in my home back together. And I still seem to be needing a lot more sleep than usual. Don't say it. I already took a pregnancy test.

But really, I don't know. I think maybe all of those five-hours-of -sleep-nights might be catching up with me all at once :^) Our last day of school should be Good Friday, which is only a little more than a month away. I wanted to be able to enjoy the best of Spring instead of fighting spring fever.

Either way, the weather is already turning to spring, and today I saw daffodils and redbuds in bloom and we went to a local college campus to play penny games in the fountains. My own daffodils are up six inches, my roses have new growth, and the azaleas are greening out. I really hope that we don't have another killer frost this spring.

I'll try to get pictures up sometime, but I'm making no promises. :^) Life is short and the children are only small once and I don't want to miss it. I have a little princess sleeping with her princess Barbie. And I want to savor every little thing, not be so distracted by other things. Even good things.

So there you have it. A glimpse into the craziness of my mind. Until next time...


Jacki said...

I was just about to leave a comment on one of your last posts to say I was thinking about you and praying for you. :-) I am glad you are back...getting worried there....but I understand all about mental breakdowns. I think it happens to all moms once in a while. Life just gets so overwhelming.

Hannah said...

Aww, babe. It'll be okay. Just take a deep breath and keep on plugging away.

Anonymous said...

I picked up some cute things the day after valentine's, too. The day after sales are definitely the right way to go!

Leigh Ann said...

Agreeing with Leslie. The day after V Day is a great time to load up on candy, boxes of cards for the kids next year, etc. Sorry to hear you were down, but sounds like you had a great day after all. :) Good to have you back!

Marsha said...

Was looking at your profile and find we have a lot in common!
Our mother board burned up...literally...smoke and stink you wouldn't believe!
I cook gluten-free too.
I also homeschool my kids!
I am also a daughter of hope!

Rhen (yestheyareallmine) said...

I am glad to see you are back but sorry to hear you crashed, oh, and your motherboard, too!

I sometimes will crash in that way. I go, go, go in six different directions with the kids. Most of my blogging is done at night after they go to bed so I might stay up later than I should. I sometimes forget to eat and I am just so much of a multitasker that one day I will just shut down.

Slow down and take it easy. Allow your body and mind to get rested!!

Persuaded said...

we did our valentine's day partying a day late as well! like you, this would have made me *crazy* a few years ago, but now, hey, tis no problem:-)

actually that's one of the benefits if homeschooling your kids... these kinds of things can happen and they couldn't care less;-)

((hugs)) glad you're back online sweetie!