Friday, January 18, 2008

A Study in Melting, or, One More Proof of my Insanity

Yesterday I became obsessed with catching the perfect shot of the ice melting. I must have spent an hour on this (with lunch and bird pictures woven around and between). Now I can't decide which are the best shots. Would you like to vote? But be warned, that might be proof of your insanity as well.






Kelly said...

What great pictures! You are really good.

Jendi said...

Letter C gets my vote. I'm not a very good judge, though.
Glad you are having fun with your camera!

I do think you are insane to wake your kids up and send them outside to play at 1 AM! I'm guessing you hadn't gone to bed yet?! At 1 AM I'm sleeping!

Laura said...

Has to be Letter I ....great pictures all the way through!

Leigh Ann said...

Definitely C & E.

And, I also vote the move to let the kids play in the snow at 1 am was a GREAT one!! Good call, Mom. :)

BJ said...

D & E are my favourites.