Thursday, January 03, 2008

Ron Paul Rising

This video is for the people who say Ron Paul doesn't stand a chance in the upcoming primaries.


Anonymous said...

You know what sucks? Even though RP won the straw poll for the West Alabama Rep. Assembly, the WARA officially endorses Huckabee! I don't get it! I have talked to one of the WARA leaders about it (we're long time friends) and he says that RP just isn't viable, and WARA "officially" has more in common with Huckabee's platform. It just doesn't matter that most of the WARA voted for RP in that poll!!!

I even got Karl to agree with RP on several issues and he won't vote for him because he feels like it would be a wasted vote, that RP is too radical to win in a general election. That may be true, however, if everyone who likes RP would vote for him instead of thinking they were wasting their vote, then maybe we would be heard! Locally and nationally, RP supporters are being ignored. I am really frustrated. There is a RP canvasing meet-up tonight in B'ham that I'm planning to attend.

What's the RP presence in your town like?

Lindsey @ Enjoythejourney said...

I am going to have to disagree with you on this one Alicia (I think that is a first because you know I love ya!)

I like Ron Paul. Heck, I might even vote for him. (and he's a DUKE grad, which makes me like him all the more!)

But I do not believe he has a snowballs' chance in you know where of winning ANYTHING, anywhere. He's an internet phenomenon. And the people who are for him are very passionate, I give you that. Here where I live, if you drive thru any of the big cities like Raleigh, Charlotte, etc you see Ron Paul signs everywhere. But most other places, nobody knows who he is, unless they blog or they are online alot. Some people in the urban cities even have homemade signs in their yards they made themselves to show their RP love. But, those same urban cities here ALWAYS vote democratic, so I think those polls, in the final election won't matter because those cities will swing democrat.

I don't think RP has anything mainstream going for him. I think of RP and I think of Howard Dean. He was a huge internet phenomenon too, and he tanked in the real primaries.

Honestly, I think RP would do even better if he was NOT on the GOP ticket at all. If we could some how get a third party going of the "real" conservatives, he might stand a chance. But running in the GOP there are folks like me, who like him, but can't take him seriously.

I may very well vote for him. I honestly don't know. I will not vote for Guiliani in the primaries, I think Huckabee is too sugary-sweet and isn't as "religious" as we all have been led to believe. Fred Thompson is ineffetive. McCain is a war-monger. I don't care for Romney either (but the mormon thing doesn't bother me like it probably bothers most people).

The one thing I don't like about Paul, that makes me hesitate to vote for him, is his national security stance. I am all for getting out of the Middle East, but I don't believe his national security plans are anywhere near being realistic in the world we live in.

I hope I haven't been too honest here, because I truly don't want to hurt your feelings.

But that video doesn't convince me that RP has a chance. It just convinces me there are alot of techno-savvy people who like him...

Alicia said...

We were at a Ron Paul political rally here in Greenville before Christmas, and there were about 1000 people there, but it didn't even make the local news. People like to ignore the guy. I've probably seen at least as many of his signs as anyone elses. It seems to me, though, that in this very conservative city, people tend to look for whatever candidate they think can beat the "scary" Democrats. They want polished outsides with proper position papers that will, at best, maintain the status quo. It's also very pro-war around here. A typical conservative acceptance. So many people still don't even know who Ron Paul is or why he believes what he does. We're educating people one at a time. A lot of our friends are still undecided. Some are Huckabee supporters. It seems like some older people, especially are even springing for Romney! Supposed strength, I guess. It's all very irritating. But the positive I see is that so many thousands of people are actually hearing about and liking what Ron Paul says. That alone is a victory apart from any election. And God is sovereign in all things.

Alicia said...

I can take it, Lindsey! :^) It's really hard to hurt my feelings. I like a good debate. Only nastiness and purposeful meanness is likely to hurt my feelings. I've seen the polls. I know the reality. I also believe that some things happen that aren't "supposed" to happen. An American Revolution wasn't supposed to be able to beat the world's strongest superpower. Do I really believe that Ron Paul can be the president? I dunno. But he could. If everyone that liked him told everyone that they knew, and all of those people had the guts to vote for what they believe is the best thing for our country...anything would be possible.