Monday, January 21, 2008

Ron Paul : Don't tread on me

This video does a pretty good job of explaining Ron Paul's foreign policy. I used to almost completely disagree because I was a good little conservative girl that always supported any Republican president's actions and any American war, but I have learned to think for myself. I have learned to look at Constitutional law and historical precedence. Did you know that Ron Paul actually offered to write a legal declaration of war for Congress even though he himslef would not support it? That he proposed a way to specifically target the 9/11 perpetrators? But Congress found that idea too quaint. I encourage you to read the papers linked to Ron Paul's foreign policy page on his website and see if it doesn't make sense. Also, I know that many servicemen have some home speaking of the good that we are doing there. I don't doubt that. I don't doubt that the surge is working. Of course our military can accomplish their objectives. But if the final objective is peace in the Middle East, will our job ever be done? I see two viable options, we can either take over nations and force them to do whatever we want or we can quit trying to make them do our will. The half hearted mid-way attempts don't seem to be working very well. Just my thoughts.

And he is supported by our troops. They have donated more money to him than any other candidate. The want to defend and protect the United States by order of Congress, not police the world by order of the U.N.

And finally to all of you Ron Paul supporters out there, don't forget that today is the "Free At Last" money bomb. We are still in the beginning of this fight and even if we don't win this battle, we can win in the hearts and minds of Americans who will live to fight another day. The Ron Paul campaign is, to me, more than a competition for presidency, it is a reeducation in the meaning and role of the Constitution for millions of Americans that didn't learn this in school. And that alone would win my support.

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Anonymous said...

I didn't know all that about RP's foreign policy history. Thanks!