Monday, January 07, 2008

Pilgrim's Progress Pics

Most of these pics are pretty lousy. I was the narrator, so even when I had a chance to snap a pic, I was never at a good angle.

The cake, with a MegaBloks Dragon "Apollyon" and "Christian"

The Slough of Despond

Fighting Apollyon

Crossing the "River"

The Celestial City, set with fine dishes and gold
There are gold helium balloons just above the picture line.


Jacki said...

Looks like such a fun party! I can't wait until Emma gets old enough to invite friends over for birthday parties. Right now I don't think I want a dozen little 3/4 year olds running around my house. :-)

Laura said...

Looks like an awesome party! I'm sure my kids wish that their mom was half that energetic regarding birthday parties! Thanks for sharing!

Alicia said...

It was fun, and really there were only four extra kids. Plus I had lots of help. I had it at Brian's parents house and she took care of the table decorations and I didn't have to make sure my house was cleaned up in addition to getting ready for the party. Brian and my friend Dara (who's son was there) also helped. Planning is the part that I enjoy the most, so it wasn't too bad. I just wish his birthday was a little farther from Christmas! But I was more than happy to have him a bit early the year he was born. :^)

Jacki - I would sometimes invite older girls that my little girls liked to their parties along with a couple younger ones. That added a friend factor without as many very little ones. And the older girls are great leasers and helpers.

BenA said...

I confess Alicia, I've been waiting for this post since you originally mentioned it. Excellent execution on a great idea you guys.

PeakmoreAcademy said...

First time I've been to your site, if I recall Correctly.

Oh just delightful! the pilgrim's progress photos you shared are just wonderful! what a fabulous time it looks like! thanks for sharing!

Fellow homeschooler,
Peakmore Academy

Leigh Ann said...

Great party!! Thanks for posting the pics! Looks like everyone had a fun time. I'm "filing" that whole idea, you know. It's a great one!

Mrs. "M" said...

Sounds like a great party!