Friday, January 18, 2008

I think I might be crazy...but I'm enjoying it

The snow began Wednesday night and before the children went to bed it had already covered the cars and grass, but wasn't much to play in, so I sent them off to sleep. By midnight it was coming down harder than ever and we had a few inches!

I waffled around and kept checking the weather forecast, but I was concerned that it would be yucky and wet by morning, so yes, that was my kids outside at 1 AM rolling snowballs...

for the best southern snowman this northern girl's ever managed! The snow was at the perfect stickiness for rolling huge snowballs - but lifting and stacking them proved to require a bit more effort. That and tring to get three distracted kids to look at the camera at the same time.

Ethan wasn't ready to come in for his cocoa until he'd made his own personal snowman and one for the freezer.

And, miraculously enough, after a few Barbie princess music videos on youtube and a snow-themed storybook, they fell into bed again at about 2:20 and immediately passed out.


Jacki said...

You are a cool mom! And brave for getting your kids up that late!

But, that is one of the good things about homeschooling your children, I suppose. Being flexible like that and not worrying that they have to be up the next morning or they'll miss the bus. :-)

Laura said...

Fun! The things I miss about homeschooling...a flexible schedule is the BEST part!

Rachel A said...

Wow, you got more snow than we did. I probably should have goten my kids up as well. By morning there really wasn't anything to play in at our house. :(

BJ said...

What fun! You are awesome! I wish I could box up some snow and send it to you.