Monday, January 07, 2008

Happy Birthday, Little Man

How do babies grow up this way?

My Ethan,

It doesn't seem quite real that that sweet baby I brought home from the hospital could already be seven. But you're so grown up in so many ways. I love how you jump for joy when you discover you can read a passage of Scripture and soak up God's Word and beg for more in a way that puts me to shame. You've become an ardent supporter of Ron Paul, explaining that you love Ron Paul because,"he believes in the Constitution of the United States!" You always want give your money to the poor and to missionaries, and you're especially captivated by the needs in China. You came home yesterday telling me that you wanted to put your Christmas money in the offering, saying that they were going to be having a "passover" (passing an offering bucket, to be exact) in your class next week.

This has been a year of Transformers, endless Lego and Kidkinex creations, and increasingly detailed and authentic looking drawings. Of camouflage and Philadelphia Eagles t-shirts. Of being a fish in Gran's new swimming pool. Of toothless grins. Of watching an endless meteor shower snuggled under a quilt on the deck. Of endless, slowly finished math worksheets. Of finally doing some independent reading, and enjoying it. Of your first football game, and touchdowns, and jerseys. Of less fear and more daring.

You can't wait for all the grown up things, but you still see things like a boy. The other day you told Dad that you couldn't wait to get your drivers license, and when he asked why, he found out that it was because you just want to have a cell phone so badly! When you asked what a honeymoon was and I explained that it was a vacation that a husband and wife take right after their wedding, you replied that you wanted to go to Disney World and that I could come along! In about fifteen years, I'll have to remind you of that - but I won't hold you to it. :^) But that's the first time you actually haven't insisted that you're not going to get married, because you want to always live with me. I'm gonna miss you.

But right now I love spending time with you. Watching you take care of your sisters. And beg for a brother. And walk in your Daddy's footsteps. You want to be like him, and if you accomplish that, you will surely grow into a man of God. You are my little man. I'm so thankful for you and your tender heart.

Mommy loves you, Ethan.

Forever and for always.


Persuaded said...

What a precious little pumpkin:-)

BJ said...

This is beautiful!

Rachel A said...

I always enjoy your letters so much! Great pic too!