Thursday, January 31, 2008

Happy Anniversary, Ron and Carol Paul!


And e-mail from the Ron Paul campaign just included this perk for donating today:

"For those of you who will be contributing on Friday in honor of Ron and Carol's many loving years together, we've included an added bonus: Everyone who contributes at least $201 (since Friday is, after all, 2/01) will get to write a personalized anniversary message to Ron and Carol!
In the coming days, we'll display some of these messages on our website, and we're also going to present every one of them, along with your names, as a gift to Ron and Carol!"

It's time for another moneybomb! Super Tuesday is coming up fast and if you want a pro-life freedom fighter for President, you'd better ante up and kick in!

Tomorrow, February 1, is the Paul's 51st wedding anniversary. Ron Paul supporters are spreading the word (and we've little time, so jump right in, all ye lovers of liberty!) and the goal is 100,000 $51 donations tomorrow. So let's say, "Happy Anniversary" loud and clear, okay?

Eat beans and rice this week if you have to, and sign your name on the pledge list at

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John K said...

Good to see another Ron Paul supporter out there. ;-) Look the pics and vids on your site. My daughter is only a few years younger.