Monday, January 14, 2008

Favorite Childhood Biographies

My 2 year old decided to make a path out of the books on one of the shelves today. She had great fun while the rest of us read A BEKA's first grade history book (the whole thing - it really didn't take that long and we enjoyed it and got some great ideas for later study). Later, as I was picking them up, I saw one of my childhood favorites, Helen Keller's Teacher, a biography of Annie Sullivan. I read it over and over.

I thought it would be fun to share who you enjoyed reading about as a girl (elementary school). I loved the Little House on the Prairie books (and the show for that matter - I even named my cat Laura!), and I read every juvenile biography I could find on Clara Barton. I also enjoyed Shark Lady: True Adventures of Eugenie Clark, and was thrilled when I ran across it at the thrift store last year and was able to read it to my kids, who also enjoyed it.
Another book that stuck with me was Tortured for Christ. I checked it out of my Christian school library in third grade. Looking back, I think that it's kind of odd that no one questioned my reading it at that age, but I did, and although I haven't reread it since then, I still remember many details.

So who were your favorite people to read about or favorite biographies when you were a girl (or guy)?
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Leigh Ann said...

Funny you loved Clara, too. I wrote out my childhood favorites last January...

Love, love, love books!!

Hannah said...

Abraham Lincoln. (don't remember the title exactly, but I think it may just be his name. the book with him standing at the back of the train.)
Anything about Theodore Roosevelt. Wyatt Earp. (I WAS a tomboy.)
But, my favorite book about Madame Marie Curie and her husband and how they discovered radium. Of course, Louis Pastuer (yeah, so cannot spell his name properly anymore.)
did I miss any? Probably.

Laura said...

Okay, so now I'm a CAT! thanks!

I'll have to include the Little House books as some of my favorites. More...The Little Green Frog, biographies of Lottie Moon, Adoniram Judson, Hudson Taylor, David Brainard, lost his name--the guy who wrote Amazing Grace...then there were the more classics...Swiss Family Robinson, Huckleberry Finn, Chronicles of Narnia, plus The adventures of the Sugar Creek Gang...and a lot more...

I read a lot more as a child than I do now...could be I'm a little busier now?

Jacki said...

My favorite biographies were about people that lived during WWII, like Anne Frank and Corrie Ten Boom. I just love that time period.

Mrs. "M" said...

I didn't read much as a child. I found my love of books as a teen in high school. I do remember being fascinated with Abraham Lincoln as a little girl. I always wanted to meet him.

BJ said...

I did a dramatic monologue at student convention on Helen Keller. It was fun, and I was fascinated by her teacher.