Saturday, January 05, 2008

Coconut Hot Chocolate

I made a smashing discovery the other week. After making a fantastic coconut cake and coconut icing, I still had a little bit of coconut milk left in the can. When I opened the fridge the next day to perform my usual ritual of adding milk to my cocoa to cool it, I saw the can and gave it a try. Yum. Buy a can and try it. Oh, and if you don't already do this, try liquid coffee creamers in your cocoa too. Walmart had holiday flavored Coffee Mate creamers marked down to $.89 - gingerbread hot chocolate is really good.


Persuaded said...

I love those yummy creamers in my morning coffee. I usually only allow myself to buy one every other week, but if they are 88 cents at my Walmart, I just may splurge and get one tomorrow!
Thanks for the tip:-)

Kelly said...

Ooh--sounds good!