Friday, January 18, 2008

Back to our regularly scheduled programming...

Some stuff I've been wondering:
  1. Is there any intelligent possibility that a pro-war Republican candidate can win the general election when 65% of Americans oppose the war?
  2. For that matter, does anyone really believe that even if we did stay John McCain's one hundred years, we would turn Iraq into a peaceful democracy?
  3. Will I ever be able to learn to do Crystal's crazy-wonderful CVS deals so that I can get half my groceries for free? What I really wonder is how does it not take her all day long to figure this stuff out???
  4. What will it take for homeschoolers and Christians in general to get off the Huckabee bandwagon? I'm sorry if he's your guy, but he bothers me. He bothers Spunky Homeschool, Mary Pride, and David Thompson too.
  5. What is going to have to happen to our economy before Americans stop trusting the government for everything and demand real change?
  6. Why did that mouse that just got caught in my trap have to still be alive and squeaking?
  7. Why does God love me so much that he gave me a very brave and kind neighbor that is willing to rescue me from half-dead mice?

Just wondering...

1 comment:

Jendi said...

I'm so-o with you on number 3!
I just can't get myself to buy something I don't need at that time just so I can keep ECB's. Don't tell her that I had expired ECB's! Horror!
I'm working on it...