Monday, December 24, 2007

The "real" reason that we get the presents on Jesus' birthday

Rose is in LOVE with Kehya Cause (Santa Clause). She is delighted to see him in any form. The Christmas Parade(more like a candy toss really) we saw a couple of weekends ago had a live Santa at the end. She begged, "I go with Santa Claus?" I respond, "He has to go to his house to work on your presents." "Oh. I go to his home? I go see Rudolph? Please, Mommy, please?" In Walmart the day after that, she was pleased to firmly plant herself on Santa's empty lap and lucky for her, no one else was around, because she had no intention of leaving. When it was finally time for him to go, she said "I go in Santa's car?"

And today, Anna Kate finally explained to me why it is that we get presents on Jesus' birthday:

"I'm so excited that Christmas is here and we get presents -
because it's Jesus' birthday, and Jesus is up in heaven, and Santa Claus doesn't
have enough magic to get his reindeer to fly up to heaven."

I'd always wondered about that. ;^)


Hannah said...

Gotta love Anna! Those explanations must make you stop in your tracks any time you hear one. I KNOW I would be rolling with laughter!

Kim said...

Merry Christmas Alicia!!! That is too precious!

Wendy said...

So cute!

The amazon question - same seller/combined shipping. It was a great deal!

Persuaded said...

LOL... it's a good thing we have our little ones around to explain these mysteries, isn't it?

What a cutie she must be!