Saturday, December 01, 2007

Never underestimate the power of the dollar store

Some Christmas treasures from the Dollar Tree where everything's a dollar :

  1. A set of five tools - a hammer, phillips and regular screwdriver, pliers, wrench, and hammer to replace the plastic tools in Ethan's toolbox, so he can really help Dad - $4
  2. A few "decorate it yourself" travel coffee mugs. One for Pa maybe, and Daddy, and one to surprise Ethan with his own. My kids all love coffee. Even the two year old.
  3. "build a bear" size outfits
  4. 2 plastic mermaids to replace the broken ones in the under the sea castle playset that Rosie loves - $1
  5. 12 inch doll outfits
  6. dress up accessories such as Ninja weapons and a pirate set with earring, hook glove, and patch, for the stocking (they take up lots of space for the money!)
  7. glow bracelets in red and green for Christmas travel or evening parades - glow bracelets can save your life when you're travelling at night, but before bedtime.
  8. Christmas tights
  9. a "learn-to-make balloon shapes"kit with a mini pump, long balloons, and instructions for several things - $1
  10. A set of Santa's-sleigh-size jingle bells for Polar Express ornaments - $1
  11. paint-your-own ornaments craft sets
  12. a miniature silver tree, 20 colored lights (yes, from China, got to go donate!), a mini garland and star, and twelve little colored drum ornaments - $4. The delight my children took in decorating it, plugging it in in the playroom, and giving a stout rendition of "O Christmas Tree" in the tradition of Charlie Brown - priceless. Oh, and the silver branches with the colored lights make it look like a rainbow tree. It really looks lovely - much better than expected.

Update: I know that most of us don't have a ton of extra money left over for donations, but donating $1 to VOM for a Christmas Care Pack to China per string of Christmas lights you buy is really quite painless ( I just did it for the lights I bought yesterday) - and you may be helping the family of a Christian prisoner that made those very lights! Go here and donate now!!


Jacki said...

I LOVE dollar stores! Years ago, the things were really, really chep but over the years they've gotten some good stuff. :-)

Rachel Lynn said...

yes, it's true, the Dollar Store is one of my favorite stops. all the girls in the dorm bought a stocking from our local store and we've hung them along the back of our longest couch. it's too much fun to watch them fill up and wonder what's going in!

Leigh Ann said...

Dollar Store rocks!! We, too, love those cheap glow bracelets, rings, etc. for long rides home in the dark. Great minds think alike I guess.:)