Friday, November 09, 2007

Autumn Colors

This picture of our backyard trees was taken today. I don't remember ever seeing that tree turn red. Maybe it has, but it's bigger and brighter this year. I've seen new birds at the birdbath, a blue jay and my sweet juncos. I'm savoring this season glimpse by glimpse, flavor by flavor, crisp nights, and woodsmoke in the air.

Our fall colors peaked earlier this week. We drove through the country on Monday, and of course, I didn't have my camera. I'm trying to learn to not be frustrated when that happens, but instead appreciate the ability to now see things as pictures and keep them in my memory even if they're never in a snapshot. My favorite "memory picture" was of a large lake that we cross over on our drive. We approach from above it, so it lay before me, the sun was high and bright, the trees around it were vibrant, the sun reflected off the water in sharded mirrors of light, and there was a man fishing in a small boat. I wanted to share that picture with you too, so now I have.

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Jacki said...

Beautiful trees! We have one of the red ones in our backyard and it is amazing to watch the colors change each day.