Tuesday, October 23, 2007

"Jesus is a great person, guys"

Anna with her puppy in the stroller: "Come on, Pup. Let's go tell these people about Jesus so that they can go up to Him."

Anna facing imaginary audience: "Jesus is a great person, guys. Ya gotta believe Him so that you can go up to Him."



Anna Kate after singing along with Steve Green's "You Shall Love the Lord Your God": Mommy, I love Jesus soooo much. I love him with my whole body - even my blood and my bones!"


Anonymous said...


Leigh Ann said...

Sounds like you've got a future evangelist on your hands:)

Rachel A said...

That is priceless! Let it be our prayer that our children's hearts stay this tender towards Him as they grow older.

Kellan said...

"even my blood and my bones" - simply amazing! These are just too sweet and certainly a beautiful testement. See ya.

Wendy said...

So sweet!