Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Homemade gifts for young kids

  1. Lacing cards made from cereal boxes

  2. Melted and remolded crayons

  3. Paper dolls - one of Anna Kate's favorite toys is a set of American Girl characters cut from the catalogue and mounted on cardboard, then laminated. Ethan has a set of Zelda characters. This is an especially helpful idea when your child falls in love with a movie , book or show that you can find pictures of, but no toys.

  4. An alphabet book or favorite things book - my mother used a magnetic photo album and cut out pictures of disney characters, favorite foods, and other happy things from old catalogues - Rose loved it

  5. Bean bags - beans are cheap

  6. A personal photo album

  7. A costume box of accesories, hats, etc.

  8. An old jewelry box with costume jewelry - my grandmother passed one of these on to my then 3 year old daughter, just a box, a necklace, a braclet, and a bright pink scarf, I think and she was thrilled with it

  9. Print out personalized stationary

  10. Video of several episodes of a favorite show

There are so many great, easy, and virtually free ideas, especially for young kids. Most of these are gifts I've given my kids or someone else has given my kids. Some years are lean years and no one minds saving money and giving more peronal gifts even in fat years, so add your ideas for kids...

graphic from Anne's Place

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