Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Gluten Free Baking Tip

I forgot this very pertinent piece of information. Only very moist things like cakes and moist muffins and pancakes will survive being reheated or eaten the next day. If you want to eat most muffins, waffles, or breads another day freeze them immediately after they're mostly cooled, within an hour is best. If they're frozen immediately, then thawed in the microwave to eat another day, they'll be yummy and taste fresh instead of like paper.

Oh, and kind of a connected tip here, make a batch of cupcakes and freeze them (iced or uniced is fine, but the iced will have runny icing when you thaw them in the microwave- my husband loves to eat them frozen.) Any time you need to go to a party, you can just grab a couple to take along and thaw.

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