Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Collecting Books

Tonight I enjoyed flipping through a newly thrifted book, Celebrating Family Traditions : An Idea and Keepsake Book by Helen Baine Bland and Mary Seehafer Sears. Books about holiday and family traditions are one of my favorite genres to collect. They always inspire me to enjoy each new day and make the days special for my family and friends.

I have a particular thrift store that is my favorite. Children's books (no matter how small, large, inexpensive, or valuable) are 50 cents and adult books are 75 cents for paperback and $1 or $1.50 (they keep changing their prices) for hardback. You really can't beat that. I usually spend too much, but I actually added up the retail price of my last cache - $85. I paid $7.50. My family traditions book, a book of patterns and ideas for shrinky dinks, a good quality workbook/activity book on outer space (that I have another brand new copy that I picked up a few months ago there - 2 new workbooks for $!), a hardcover storybook of the Sleeping Beauty ballet, about 6 Level 1 or 2 easy readers that didn't have dumb story lines (or no storyline), a hardcover If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, a large knock knock joke book for Ethan, and I think a few more. Considering that I also got practically new Land's End and American Eagle shirts for Brian for another $7.50, I didn't feel too guilty.

I also collect good parenting/tips books, beautiful storybooks, and lots of other children's books, especially nonfiction and classic fiction ( and right now large quantities of early readers). I love Trixie Belden, finding them at a low price can make my day - I only have a couple. Also some cookbooks, historical and good Christian fiction, Christian marriage and romantic idea books, books on home education, or just education in general, music books, homemaking books, and other Christian living, theology, etc. books - anything that intrigues me and doesn't look like fluff. I try to hone in on my kids favorite stuff too, so I look for bug books and ballet books, and if I ever find any Max and Ruby books I have a two year old who will be very happy with me and a library that will be relieved to have theirs back in circulation.

What kind of books do you like to collect and where do you find them cheap? And for that matter, if you're like me and love all of the books you have too much to part with them - where do you put them???

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Jendi said...

I have a serious lack of room so I really have to limit books right now. I did pack away a bunch of the high school level books that my husband and I have. I put them in the attic to save for the kiddos.

The library book sale is going on now - my favorite way to get books! Can't beat that dollar a bag day!

Have you used Paperback Swap? I like to get kids books from the thrift shop for 10 cents then list them and get a different book that I want to keep.

Have you seen this site? I'm guessing you already found it.

Have a great day!

Hannah said...

Well, considering I'm staying at the in-laws just now, all of my books are in boxes in their basement storage room. (you know, only about 20-25 boxes of just books)
As for where I get them....Honey, I volunteer to help set up the library book sales and just this last time I walked away with two and a half boxes crammed full of books they were going to throw out instead of sell. Plus they let me exchange a few that I no longer wanted for a few that I did want at no charge. (I LOVE my local library.) Of course, the Chantilly library is great too. Kinda like Jendi said about the Dollar day only down here it's a dollar a box! Great advantages to living in a ridiculously expensive area! ;)