Monday, October 15, 2007

Catching Up

My weekly statistics reports show that you've been checking on me despite my lack of posting. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers, friends. As you probably assumed, it was a busy week.

The visitation for Brian's grandpa was Thursday evening and despite spending 4-5 hours looking for a babysitter and calling about a dozen people, I just couldn't find anyone able to come to our house early enough for me to go with Brian. (The visitation was 45 minutes away and started at 7PM. Thursday at 5;30 to 6 is a terrible time to find a babysitter between dinner hour, sports practices, music rehearsal at our church...) My best friend was finally able to arrange for my kids to stay with someone from our church for an hour until she could pick them up and bring them back to our house to take care of them, but Rose melted down on the way to the car and I just couldn't drop her off at someone's house that she didn't know like that. So I cried. And felt like a loser. And sent Brian by himself. And played UNO with my kids. And it really was okay even though I wasted an entire day and it didn't work out the way I wanted and I was frustrated and... but I digress. I knew that they needed a good night's sleep in their own beds so that they wouldn't be tired and cranky at the funeral.

The funeral on Friday went very well. Brian said that the grace was tangible. Brian gave a message and we're losing count of how many people have told him that he's missed his calling (because God, of course, only calls eighteen year old college freshman and if you didn't get the memo then you must have missed it...oh, no, digressing again...), the children sang "Oh, How I Love Jesus" without refusing to look at the audience, playing with the microphone too much, or jumbling the verses (thanks to many prayers on their behalf), and Brian's mom asked that I sing"O Glorious Love". Grandpa wrote some songs to Jesus and a young lady from his church sang one of those as well. A former pastor who now works with a mission board was flown in on a private plane by a friend in order to speak at the funeral between his previously scheduled meetings, and his sweet current pastor spoke as well. The children, particularly Anna, have had a number of questions. Anna's center on death and heaven. Ethan's are more mummy and Egypt related. Not the best topic to have just studied.

They had an enclosed hutch (with an air system and everything) at the funeral home full of brightly colored little birds. Rose loved them. She somehow got fixated on the mystery that "birds eat seeds. Mommy eat seeds." She said this several times to my amusement. She has really had a language explosion and is doing a really good job of potty training herself too.

Well. I've probably forgotten a bunch of stuff. I have a zillion pictures of things I want to post about from the past couple of weeks. I'll try to get those caught up too.

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