Sunday, September 23, 2007

What I would invent if I were an inventor

  1. Pretty water bottles - both disposable and reusable. I'm sick of rubbermaid and sports bottles. I use my lovely starbucks coffee travel cup for water. And what would it hurt to have pretty fall or Christmas patterns on water bottles - works on paper towels - and kids would love that too - aren't we supposed to be getting kids to drink more water, anyway?


Leigh Ann said...

I've thought about that with whipped cream containers, too. They are the perfect size for left-overs, but I can't stand to use them because I hate having four "whipped cream" containers & having to peek into each one to find the right food I'm searching for. Or worse yet, writing in marker on them, then sratching & re-writing the next item it holds!

It seems when I was a kid I remember Grandma having ones that had various flowers and such printed on them. Why don't they do that anymore? THEN I could reuse them! You could even choose to buy the ones you want or needed if they printed say ten different designs on them like they do with tissue boxes.

I'm with you, sister. Now who do we call?

Alicia said...

How 'bout you call Kraft, and I call Aquafina. Who knows? maybe we'll get our wishes. We are definitely on the same page. Whipped topping containers are the perfect size, but I get sick of mixing them up.