Thursday, September 27, 2007

Of Birds and Butterflies...and Roses

I love to hear the sound of the birds singing outside my kitchen window. They just love the simple homemade birdbath that sits on the deck rail. The wrens are my favorite. We heard them singing yesterday and they entertained us yet again with their quirky little dance. On the rim sipping water, hop around the rim, splashing in the water, jumping out, sitting on the rail preening until they're all puffed up, jumping back on the rim, sipping, splashing - round and round they can go for five or ten minutes. Then a wood thrasher came careening down to the rail, did a double take at the sight of the wrens and fluttered back out of there only to return to shoo them off. I was happy to see this new visitor, but not pleased that he scared of my favorite little Carolina wrens. They, however quickly returned.
I often see a pair of finches a few times a day, and a mockingbird comes to drink. It's a treat to see the wrens. The children all vie for the limited counter and stool space in order to see out the window. Yesterday it inspired some child-led bird study. In other news, I'm astounded at the variety of butterflies that I'm finding now that I've taken the time to notice.

Two more shots of the Gulf Fritillary

unidentified swallowtail with a torn wing
and one that is whole
Common Buckeye
Fiery Skipper (I think)

Two beautiful Roses

P.S. I did all of this earlier and blogger completely lost it and I had to do it over. Arrrrrgh!

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Anonymous said...

Those are beautiful pictures! I enjoy watching butterflies.