Saturday, September 08, 2007

American West Unit

We studied cowboys and the American West the week before we went to Tweetsie Railroad - just to make sure they'd fully appreciate the experience. Here's a run down of the best resources I could find at my library and online:

  1. A cowboys and Indians playset. Ours included tepees, a covered wagon, cactus, and...palm tree?
  2. Interactive journey Go West Across America With Lewis and Clark at National Geographic Kids.
  3. Sacajawea (All Aboard Reading)
  4. Lewis and Clark coloring pages
  5. Crayola covered wagon and horse crafts
  6. Cowboy Math
  7. Learn to draw an armadillo
  8. Pecos Bill
  9. John Henry
  10. Riding the Rails
  11. A Picture Book of Davy Crockett
  12. Davy Crockett Saves the World
  13. Davy Crockett (the movie with Fess Parker)
  14. Last year we also read Davy Crockett: Young Rifleman (Childhood of Famous Americans Series.)
  15. Tall Tales DVD
  16. ABEKA's 2nd grade Our America 's section on pioneers and the West.

It worked out very well that the library decided to have a Western hoedown activity day that Tuesday and Davy Crockett's birthday was that Saturday. Our resources were geared toward a K5-2nd grade level. Here are some more that we didn't get to.

  1. A Marshall "M" alphabet buddy
  2. Oregon Trail coloring pages
  3. Cowboy/Rodeo unit
  4. Westward Ho! Cyberhunt
  5. Draw yourself in the back of the covered wagon printable.
  6. Attack in the Rye Grass: Marcus and Narcissa Whitman (Trailblazer Books #11)
  7. PBS Go!'s Day in the Life history game
  8. Printable Color Tracks train board game. Look under file folder games.
  9. PBS Kids' Gold Rush

And some for older kids:

  1. The Oregon Trail online adventure
  2. Lewis and Clark Lapbook
  3. Oregon Trail worksheets, including math
  4. Whitman mission national historic site
  5. Christian History Institute's article on the Whitmans
  6. Trailblazers - I was fascinated by this website. It gave information of the many Western trailblazers. Lewis and Clark were not the first non-Indians to see the Pacific!
  7. The Gold Rush
Also see Teacher Planet's awesome list of links!

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