Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The News from Here

I keep thinking of posts that don’t get written. Here come a bunch of disconnected thoughts.

We had SunRocket’s VoIP phone service and they have suddenly gone out of business. Right now our phone service is iffy and due to die at any moment. Until it does, it is still routed through our cable internet, leaving that spotty and unreliable as well. We’re looking for a new phone service. Probably another VoIP. We’ve looked at going to all cell phone, but we used to have no reception at our house. It’s gotten much better, but is still a bit lacking.

Have you heard of Focus on the Family’s Truth Project? We’ve been doing it at our church on Sunday nights and it’s been so interesting, and, frankly, rather inspirational. The main instructor on the videos, Dr. Tackett, is a phenomenal teacher. He reminds me of my New Testament Messages teacher in college at BJU. When you left his class, you wanted to go out and dive into the Word and win the world for Christ.

I think I’ve asked several times recently, but please continue to keep Brian in your prayers. His fibromyalgia seems to just keep getting worse this year. He has been in so much pain lately, and his chronic headaches have been getting worse too, almost like migraines.

My in-laws, who live less than 10 minutes away, had a 15x30 foot above ground pool installed last week. The first liner leaked and is getting replaced tomorrow, so there’s been some delay, but we enjoyed swimming Friday and Saturday before the water had to be pumped back out, and look forward to enjoying it again soon and often. Brian is able to do this with us because it is such a low impact activity and this makes everyone happy.

And, finally, for your amusement, we arrived home today from the library to a terrible racket in our huge magnolia. I thought it must be a cat or raccoon the way branches and leaves were shaking down, but when I stepped under the branches for a better look, what I saw was a highly entertaining, knock-down, drag-out fight between a squirrel and a mockingbird. I ran to get my camera, but in the short time that took, it seems that the mockingbird had won, because he sat in the branch rather smugly and the squirrel was nowhere to be seen.


Rachel A said...

We are praying for Brian's health and for you too! We love you guys.

Hannah said...

Yeah, those mockingbirds are Vicious little critters, aren't they!?! :>)

Jen said...

please your enjoying the Focus on the Family study they are good arent they

praying for Brian

Lindsey @ Enjoythejourney said...

I have heard of Truth project! :)

Your kids are precious...loved the photo.

Will continue to pray for you guys and esp. Brian's health. I know about living with autoimmune disease and it can be really hard.