Wednesday, July 18, 2007

A Curious George Party

Here are some pictures of Rosie's official birthday party (as opposed to the "party" on her actual birthday). I'm going to link you to all of the great ideas that we used as well as a few that we didn't get to. This would make a great homeschooling party. Some of the printable party stuff online is actually designed to be a book, not birthday, party.

The decorations are just streamers, a birthday sign, and some inexpemsive Curious George boingy things from the party store. The Curious George is one of the bubble blowing variety - Anna Kate just happened to get it for her birthday. With a few balloons from the dollar store, he was really cute and allowed me to trade a complicated cake for some brightly dyed cupcakes. And I couldn't resist the $2 palm platter from Target. I read a neat idea online of attatching artificial palm branches to the ceiling fan blades, then using brown streamers coming down from the middle of the fan and attaching to the table to look like a palm tree -but I couldn't find brown streamers.

The food: aforementioned chocolate cupcakes with vanilla icing dyed bright with gel food coloring. Paste coloring would have made richer colors, but i had the gel already. Root beer floats took care of the drink and ice cream for less mess and less waste. M&ms, cheese popcron and frozen bananas that were then chocolate dipped and sprinkle doused.

Okay,crafts. We made these toilet paper roll Georges, Curious George masks, and also had a variety of coloring and activity pages (in the links at the bottom).

Rosie enjoyed her new toys, including props for her doggie routine and a camera.

Here's the rest of the links:
  1. Lots of cake ideas
  2. Coloring Pages
  3. Party and game ideas - here too! And this one includes the streamer palm tree idea.
  4. Complete set of printables for a Curious George reading party. I especially liked the mazes, dot to dot, and step by step instructions for drawing George. Here's the pdf for all of it.
  5. The official movie site is great! Don't miss the downloads page which includes printable stickers and t-shirts. With craft store t's and transfer paper you could make t-shirts for about $3-4 a shirt.
  6. PBS has a Curious George party page. My favorites there are bookmarks , a flip book and a the mask.

Updated February 2011:

Most of the links above still work, but the publisher's book site is here now with lots of great games and activities and a "Curiosity Kit" pdf. You can also "Like" Curious George on facebook.


Leigh Ann said...

Great party! Thanks for putting all the ideas in one place. Looks like she had a really fun time (& so did you:). I just love theme parties!!!

Jen said...

well done
looks great and Im sure she had a wonderful time

Anonymous said...

I don't know you, but I google image searched Curious George decorations and stumbled across your site. Thanks for all the great ideas! You really did your research. I am doing mine now and your site helps a lot. Best of everything and God bless! -Gwen

Alicia said...

Thanks for leaving a comment, Gwen. I was hoping that others would find these fun ideas useful as well. Have a great party!