Sunday, June 24, 2007

On their way -

a new motherboard and my sister Hannah and brother-in-law Joseph! Yay! I can't wait! The kids (I'm eight years older, can't help it, my siblings will always be my kids too) will be here tomorrow and the motherboard soon after, I hope.

I finally got the pool up for my real kids (actually Brian did). And while my computer has been messed up, I've actually had time to read fiction - and I've sure enjoyed it. My mother sent me Lynn Austin's Refiner's Fire books 1-3 for my birthday in March, I've finally read them. and I really enjoyed them, especially the first one, Candle in the Darkness.

Ethan is sleeping in his top bunk for the first time tonight and Anna is is the bottom and Rose is on a mattress on the floor since the girls' room has been designated the guest room. I finally got the mattress for the second bunk all fixed up and on the bed. He's thrilled.

Rose loves to dance! She's not as graceful as Anna Kate, but she makes up for it in passion and enthusiasm. We had CMT's summer fun station on (you can skip any songs that you don't like) and she danced and danced. Playing music is always a funny debate at our house. Brian turns it on at a medium to medium low volume. Ethan's always disliked loud noise or music (other than himself), so he 's good with that volume. I, on the other hand, believe that if you're going to listen to music (or sing or "dance" to it) it should be as loud as possible. This is an across the board rule from Mozart's Great C Minor Mass to Blake Shelton's "Some Beach." Brian enjoys my enjoyment of my very loud music, but usually turns it down when that particular "favorite" is over (I only turn it down if channel surfing doesn't present another favorite), Ethan sits and complains about how loud it is. And let me tell you, folks, they have not even heard loud yet. When no one is home, or I'm in the car by myself it is way louder than anything they tolerate.

Well, I've been my usual random self. Someday I'll get my pics and stuff up that I want to share with you all. Happy Sunday!

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Jendi said...

That is funny about the volume! Joe and I are just the opposite of you and Brian. =) Our kids will probably change but right now Joey doesn't like it too loud while Adina loves to play music and sing loud along with it. Christi's too young to show preference yet.
Have a great day and take care of those ear drums! ;)