Sunday, June 24, 2007

Guest Blogging

Hello everyone! This is Hannah (previously from This May Be My Life), Alicia's younger sister. She has agreed to allow me to guest blog while I am visiting her this week. Since I just spent about eight hours of my day in a truck driving from Virginia with my husband, I had a great opportunity to read license plates. Here are just a few:

Woop D Du ..... Pretty self explanatory.

WRSHP ..... Worship --- I was listening to my favorite Christian radio station when I saw this one.

KRYP2N8 ..... Yes, I believe this means Kryptonite. The driver must think he is Superman.

NSCR8FN ..... Nascar 8 Fan --- Unfortunately, I think that the driver's husband must be the Nascar fan, because she wasn't even driving the speed limit.

2PRAZ GD ..... This was my particular favorite. Joseph, my husband, and I were listening to Lifesong by Casting Crown when we saw this plate. It took only a few seconds to guess...To Praise God!!! Wonderful.

MITE GOD ..... Mighty God. 'Nuff said.

ILLMKIT ..... I'll Make It. ---I don't know WHAT I'm making, but I'll make it!

K9 DSGN ..... Canine Design. --- Do you think maybe she make dog clothes? You know, cute little pink outfits with pompoms?

Well, that's all folks. If Alicia doesn't write too often this week you can blame it on me. She is all mine!

Signing out.....Hannah

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