Sunday, June 03, 2007

The 7 Meme

Leslie tagged me for this over a month ago. I'm supposed to write seven random facts or habits about myself. I'm also supposed to tag seven more people, but I'll bend the rules a bit and just tag whoever hasn't done it yet and would like to join in. I'm not sure what to write, so I'm just going to wing it. Here goes-

  1. I can't get rid of books unless I really don't like them. And I hardly ever have a book that I really don't like. And I really like to buy books (at thrift stores, of course). So now you have a mental image of my house. :^)

  2. I get wicked morning sickness. I've had days where I pretty much threw up every 15-20 minutes all day long.

  3. I don't trust doctors at all. I believe that most of them are well-intentioned, but that they are generally of very little use for serious ailments beyond surgeries and signing prescriptions.

  4. I have a habit of staying up too late that I'm always working on, and my kids have a habit of getting up too early, even when they get to bed late that I wish they'd work on!

  5. I have a portrait of my mother and I on my wall that was done when I was about 2 and she was about 23. My friends usually think that it is Anna Kate and myself at first glance.

  6. I don't like ice in my drinks. I don't even drink water from the refrigerator; I drink it at tap temperature.

  7. I have a serious addiction to chocolate. Serious.

Well that was random, all right.


Jen said...

sounds like my house :)

so do you use alternative medicine???

good list:)

Leigh Ann said...

#4 & #7, baby!! Right there with you on those two, Sista! Our youngest is the first morning person in the family, but it only takes one to really mix it up for everyone. God sure has a sense of humor when He puts a family together, doesn't He? He knows just how to sharpen that iron!

Alicia said...

We do try to use some alternative medicine. We definitely avoid prescriptions. And I firmly believe in keeping all of your medical records and doing your own research and figuring things out yourself. Doctors don't care about your family or figuring out what's wrong with them nearly as much as you do. This is a lesson from experience.