Friday, May 04, 2007

Five things to do this weekend

  1. Attend a spring or strawberry festival. There are a few to choose from around here.
  2. Make these strawberry sparkles for a special treat.
  3. Paint a picture of a strawberry with strawberry scented paint.
  4. Plant a sunflower house
  5. Plan an end of school party.


Jen said...

have a great weekend

Terri said...

I have strawberries coming out my ears - I wish I could give you some! We've been going to our local farmers market every Saturday morning to get fresh produce and they had the juciest strawberries last week and we got so many of them I actually had to pitch some last night. I made that strawberry delight dessert off of Kim's (Lifesong's) blog and it was ever so yummy! I hope you're able to get some berries!!

Anonymous said...

Strawberry scented paint!?

I tagged you! Come see.

Kelly said...

Love your great ideas!