Thursday, May 03, 2007

Extra dolls and stuffed animals?

My kids were begging to take dolls and teddy bears outside a few months ago. I don't like those things going outside because they come back in dirty or get left out there and get ruined. But they wanted to play with some of them outside.

I realized that I had some extras I was planning on getting rid of in the attic. We seem to always get so many for Christmas and birthdays and in between. I'm sure you all do the same thing, sorting through and taking out ones that are similar or not played with often. Well, now I let them take dolls and bears, and stuffed pillows like that outside. They pick them up and store them in a cloth laundry bag inside the playhouse on the deck. If they're dirty, I periodically wash them in hot water. If they're hopeless, I can throw them out without feeling badly, because they were headed out anyway.

Now the kids are happy to have dolls and animals to play with outside. And I'm happy that they're not ruining the toys that they sleep with at night.

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