Thursday, May 03, 2007

Childhood games

This was inspired by one of Lindsey's readers asking for "thingless" games for her kids to play, but I'm expanding my list to include simple things that most people have, like chalk, a ball, or a tree. I'll keep adding to it from time to time. Add your favorites too.
  1. The Farmer in the Dell
  2. Freeze tag
  3. Pantomimes - my kids love to play this with us!
  4. Concentration - pat one leg, then the other, then snap each finger in a 1,2,3,4,rhythm. Then begin the game by assigning a number to each player. as the first person snaps she says her number (1), then another person's number (3) in her rhythym. Play continues without breaking the beat by missing your number or not saying someone else's. Whoever breaks the rhythm is out. Last kid snapping wins.
  5. Hand clapping games like "Oh Playmate, Come out and Play With Me" and "Hot Cross Buns" and "A Sailor Went to Sea, Sea, Sea"
  6. Kick the can
  7. Four square
  8. Jacks - we'd get brushburns on the side of our hands from playimg on the sidewalk
  9. Hopscotch
  10. Climbing trees
  11. Catching lightning bugs
  12. Blowing bubbles
  13. Ball tag


Brian said...

That book your mom gave me... A Boy's Own Book (?)... has a lot of games in it, too.

Jen said...

cool games