Friday, April 27, 2007

Butterfly day

  1. Go to Journey North and click through a photo journal of a monarch lifecycle, then watch videos of a caterpillar eating and a butterfly emerging from its chrysalis. Awesome!

  2. Let younger kids try this drawing activity from kid soup.

  3. We still haven't gotten to these winged wonders at Family Fun. Today's the day! Update: We did try these, but they proved a bit difficult for the kids, so we switched over to coffee filter butterflies and they were thrilled with them!

  4. Try butterfly math or connect the dots.

  5. Little ones will enjoy tracing the days of the week on these Very Hungry Caterpillar worsheets from First School. Anna Kate loved this, and Rosie tried it out too.

  6. Label the butterfly lifecycle , body, or a caterpillar from Enchanted Learning. (Just in case you didn't realize it, you can copy and paste these into a Word document to print them without banner ads.) While you're there, print a butterfly lifecycle sheet too.

  7. There's a free thematic unit from schoolexpress. Better for, maybe, 2nd grade?

  8. The Earth's Birthday has an easy to read mini book to print.

  9. Print these gorgeous butterflies from Billy Bear and use them in these crafts (second craft)or make up your own. I think I'll use card stock.

  10. Print these pretty bookmarks.

  11. Easy to read books: Heinemann Read and Learn: Butterfly (Spilsbury); All Aboard Reading: Butterflies (Neye); From Egg to Butterfly (Zemlicka)

  12. The Butterfly Book: A Kid's Guide to Attracting, Raising, and Keeping Butterflies (Hamilton)

I happily nabbed all of those books at the library, which inspired this day. The kids are thoroughly enjoying it.

Anna Kate and Ethan and their butterfly tree

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Jen said...

I love butterflys thanks for these wonderful resources
very interesting