Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Another fantastic resource

If you homeschool like I do, pulling from whatever resources you find to fit what your kids are interested in, then you probably love to find new sources of great free materials. Here's one I found recently: LearningPage.com. They offer several sets of themed worksheets to give you an idea and with your free membership you gain access to a new set of worksheets developed each month, as well as the old monthly sets. They even e-mail you to let you know that they're out. If your child loves ocean or zoo animals, bugs, dinosaurs, or space, you'll love the sample sets of worksheets with those themes. The monthly themes are 10 worksheet sets and are on Preschool-3rd grade level - the sets have worksheets on different levels so a family with children in more than one grade could enjoy it together. Monthly themes such as "Thankful Times," "In My Garden," and "Summer Storms" await you with membership (remember, it's FREE). So go check it out!

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