Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Was that a cop-out?

Brian and his friend Ben have been teaching a Way of the Master evangelism class at church. If you're not familiar with it, they teach you to first help people recognize their sin by going to the law. The law of the Lord is perfect converting the soul. By going through the Ten Commandments (Have you ever stolen anything? What does that make you? Have you ever committed adultery? Jesus said that if you look with lust you've committed adultery. Have you ever looked with lust? What does that make you? Have you ever murdered anyone? Jesus said that if you hate someone, you've murdered them in your heart), and showing people how they have broken God's law, therefore being guilty, and therefore being condemned to death and hell, you are able to present the gospel and Christ's sacrifice for us as truly good news.

Ethan has been listening to and being taught much of this as well. One day he asked me, "Mom, what's adultery?" My reply? "That's something adults do." I think that might have been a lame answer. Well, Brian was out witnessing this weekend a couple of times. Ethan has started asking him this week, rather persistently, when he can go witnessing with him. Then he informed him, "but I won't ask them about adultery, Dad, because that's something adults do, and I'm just a kid!"

If you've never heard it, go listen to
Hell's Best Kept Secret from Way of the Master's audio lessons.


Jessica said...

It is nice to see someone else that follows The Way of the Master. That is precious that Ethan wants to witness. My husband put together this page of messages if you or your husband is interested. http://www.stixtar.com/messages.html

Brian said...

Those are great, Jessica. I burned a CD of "10 Shekels and a Shirt" and gave it to our pastor a few months ago. I've heard from at least one deacon that he passed it to after he listened. Great sermon!

I just re-listened to Paul Washer's sermon yesterday. Very powerful and very needed.

I'll bookmark your husband's site for whenever I need a good kick in the teeth.

Alicia said...


I forwarded your message to Brian, but he beat me to the comments. :^) Thanks for stopping by, and for the great link. Let me know when you launch your blog!

Jessica said...

I completely forgot to check back until now. I am glad you liked the page. He also did a couple other pages that you can get to from the 7 Messages. I have a blog that is mostly about my family and it is www.treasuresfromheaven.blogspot.com

Jason and I are doing the School of Biblical Evangelism. I posted the good person test, you can check out the comments if you want.

One last thing, I have tried to keep track of your blog via rss feeds but I can't seem to get it to work on your site. Do you have it set up for rss feeds?

I will keep checking back, and have a great day.