Friday, March 30, 2007

Sinning with a high hand

I'm once again linking to the words of the wise man I am blessed to call husband.
Here's a glimpse:

"But consider the sin that is not ignorant. (This is what most of us consider to be sin.) It is a sin with a high hand, that is, it assaults God's authority. This is sin for sin's sake. This is when you want something so badly you dare God to do His worst. It rarely sounds so bold as you prepare to do it. No, it hisses in your ear, "You will not surely die." You know that no good judge would ever find you guilty in his court of law and say, "Aw, it's not that big of a deal." Because it is that big of a deal. But you will deceive yourself into believing God is so unconcerned with your righteousness. You're too important to be bothered with righteousness..."

Read the rest here.

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Jessica said...

We don't really have an idea of what true sin is anymore because we have justified it for so long. We are now blind to it and numb. We DO need a Great Awakening. And I pray that God will bring my sins to my attention so that I may confess and repent. Thank you for sharing.