Sunday, March 04, 2007

Chocolate trifle

I made one of our favorite gluten free chocolate cakes on Saturday so that Ethan would have cake at the party he attended. Unfortunately (I thought), I didn't have enough of one ingredient and the substitute tasted fine, but made it crumbly (a characteristic of gluten free baked goods that has to be overcome). Today, I got the idea to make a trifle, and boy, did it get rave reviews! I layered crumbled chocolate cake and chocolate pudding, then put Cool Whip and mini chocolate chips on top. This is my new plan for saving crumbly cakes. It was far yummier than even the cake without substitution would have been. And it doubled as an object lesson. How God takes our crumbly cake that looks like a mistake and can turn it into a trifle. :^)


Kelly said...

This looks great!

lisa s. said...

I enjoy pulling up your page and knowing I'll be encouraged.You're faithfulness is truely a blessing!
Cake ! and chocolate too! What a yummy analogy.