Thursday, March 01, 2007

Abstract Randomness

Why I thought I would ever be able to stick with set ideas or any kind of intelligent flow in this blog is beyond me. How should I ever have expected it to be much different from the rest of my life? :^) My mind flies in so many different directions at all times that I have a hard time focusing on one thing long enough to blog about it!

Have any of you been watching American Idol? (Yes, I read Challies post on it - very valid points.) We've never paid any attention to it before, but we know Chris Sligh, you know, the chubby guy with the big hair. He used to go to our church. We don't know him well or anything, but he would recognize us, and some of our friends used to be in his band. So anyway, we've been watching. And he's done a good job, but I really like that Blake guy's voice. It's beautiful. A lot of those guys have really fantastic voices. (Was that just a "duh" statement?)

Last night I was in need of some fiction and read Lori Wick's The Rescue for at least the third time. All the way through again (mostly at least). And, yes, I stayed up too late doing it. But I've been getting up earlier anyway.

The last three days have been fantastic weather and today the kids were outside all day! It was really weird actually. Being inside with that much quiet. At least when they weren't running in and out.

Ethan finished his kindergarten math book (Horizons), so I need to get first grade. I'm planning on having him do some at least a couple of times a week in the summer too, so perhaps we could even be in second grade math by next school year. He's also reading much better these days.

We watched Johnny Tremain for family movie night this week. Ethan and Anna Kate were pleased. They like colonial history.

Rosie's in the "no" stage so we've decided to put it to good use. Whenever we want to drive Ethan crazy, we just tell Rose to go tell him, "no." She chases him around the house yelling, "no, NO, nooooo!"

I got R.C. Sproul's book, Chosen by God, out of the library and Brian's reading a chapter to me whenever time allows. It's pretty funny, actually. I'll stop Brian with a though, question, or argument springing from what he just read, and it is, inevitably, the very next thing Mr. Sproul addresses. It drives Brian a little nuts. More on that later...

Anna Kate's teeth have been getting more and more misaligned from her thumb sucking. They began to be bent in opposite directions just after her last birthday. I have read and researched many times and many things. After spending most of another day reresearching the thumbguard and finally gaining Anna Kate's approval of the idea (not that I need my daughter's approval to so something, but everything I've read has indicated that it's very effective if the child wants to be helped), I ordered it Tuesday.

Speaking of Anna Kate, I think that I may have her start kindergarten next fall. Her writing is improving and she does half of the stuff with us anyway.

Rose has all of her first year molars and her incisors coming in at the same time. Need I say more?

I gave up on Brian, and finally watched the first disk of A&E's Pride and Prejudice tonight. Love it - so far - but of course I already know how it ends which is the only reason I didn't stay up until 4AM to finish it tonight.

Oh, and I got my hair cut. Off. Mostly. And he likes it. :^)

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Terri said...

OOH! I have to see a pic of your new haircut!! I'm going to call you sometime in the near future because it's My turn to talk :) (hee hee)