Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Our Valentine traditions

We love holidays and Valentine's Day is no exception. This is the first year since before Ethan was born that Brian is not working second shift. We have always had a heart-shaped pancake breakfast with strawberry syrup, but now he leaves before we are awake, so I need to have a dinner instead. We also dress up in red or pink clothes, preferably with lots of hearts. We sometimes have a little children's party with friends, and this year we were invited to one! We'll head there after we take a trip over to Brian's grandparents to see them. We always make handmade personalized valentines for grand and great-grandparents and often aunts and uncles too. We save the themed storebought ones for other friends and relatives. We also like to make heart-shaped rice krispy treats for all of our friends. And then, of course we throw in as many surprises as possible for Daddy, which usually included a trip to the TV station with balloons, but the new job is too far away, so we'll think of something else. Have a Happy Valentine's Day! (Thanks to Brian's car breaking down and a few other wrinkles, I still need to go get that strawberry syrup!)

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